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Bare Beautique, Virginia Beach
  • Why is Bare Beautique unique?
    We are estheticians first and care about the integrity of our clients’ skin. Conducting a skin consultation is part of every service we provide, so you can rest assured you are getting the safest service, and best aftercare advice.
  • Does waxing hurt?
    At Bare Beautique, we use cultivated methods and premium waxes which helps to minimize discomfort. Try to avoid caffeine and alcohol as this can make you more sensitive. You can also take an ibuprofen an hour before your service.
  • What kind of wax do you use?
    For more sensitive areas of the body such as the face, underarms, and bikini area we use variety of premium hard waxes, sure to fit your skins needs. Our hard, film wax is gentle on the skin and shrink wraps around the hairs leaving skin silky smooth. For larger areas such as the legs, arms, chest, and back we use a cream based strip wax.
  • What are the benefits to waxing?
    Unlike shaving, which leaves thick rough stubble within 24 hours, waxing removes hair at the root. Each time you wax, you are weakening the hair follicle so that hair grows back finer, resulting in beautifully smooth skin that can last weeks.
  • How long does my hair have to be? I hate waiting...
    Even if you think you’re a hairy monster or that your hair grows faster than everyone else, trust us…WAIT! To achieve the smoothest results, you will want to wait 2-3 weeks from your last shave and 4 weeks post-wax.
  • Can I get waxed during my menstrual cycle?
    YES, but remember that you may be slightly more sensitive a few days before and after your cycle.
  • How can I prepare my skin for the smoothest experience?
    Make sure you are hydrated and moisturized. Dry, brittle hair has a tendency to break at the surface rather than come out at the root. You will also want to exfoliate at least 24 hours before your waxing appointment. Exfoliation sloughs off the dead skin, which allows for easier hair removal.
  • It’s a jungle down there…should I pre-trim?
    NO! Leave the trimming to us. When clients trim, they often cut hairs too short, resulting in breakage.
  • Are there any skincare products I should avoid before getting waxed?
    YES! You must stop using hydroquinone, Rodan & Fields, AHA’s, BHA’s, Retin-A, Aczone and other topical prescription acne creams 72 hours before a waxing appointment. These products thin the skin and can make you more prone to lifting.
  • Can I sunbathe before a waxing service?
    Sunburn can take up to 24 hours to show up and sunburned skin cannot be waxed. Avoid laying in the sun or using a tanning bed for 48 hours before your wax.
  • Can I bask in the sun after a wax?
    NO!! Freshly waxed skin is more prone to burning and may result in hyperpigmentation if exposed to UV rays, especially for facial waxing clients. Avoid the sun and tanning beds for 48 hours post-wax.
  • What else should I avoid after a waxing service?
    After a waxing service your pores may remain open for up to 48 hours. Avoid exercise, saunas, pools, hot tubs, lakes, and the ocean for 48 hours. If you must workout, make sure to shower immediately.
  • What should I do to care for my skin after a waxing service?
    Caring for your skin post wax is extremely important. Exfoliation helps to slough off the dead skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Use a gentle sugar scrub or exfoliating glove 2-3 times a week.
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